Can I use coinage from United Kingdom Overseas Territories?

Policy responsibility for the issue of coins in United Kingdom Overseas Territory rests with the Government of the territory concerned. It is customary for the obverse side of such coins to bear a portrait of Her Majesty the Queen. In addition, some Overseas Territories issue coins with the same physical specification as United Kingdom coins.

The coins of Overseas Territories are legal tender within the territory concerned. These coins sometimes find their way into circulation within the United Kingdom, but they are not legal tender within this country. 

If you are in possession of coins of Overseas Territories, please contact the issuing authority of the relevant territory.

The United Kingdom Overseas Territories include: 

British Antarctic Territory 
British Indian Ocean Territory 
British Virgin Islands 
Cayman Islands 
Falkland Islands 
St Helena and Dependencies (Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha) 
Turk and Caicos Islands 
Pitcairn Island 
South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands

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