Kickstart Scheme

Kickstart Scheme

The Royal Mint was one of the first companies to sign up to the government’s Kickstart scheme which is a programme designed to support people aged 16-24 by offering them a work placement. This helps them to widen their experience and gain valuable skills needed to develop their career. The Royal Mint is proud to have welcomed more than 20 amazing young people into our business through the programme in 2021.  

What they say

Eve has been working alongside the marketing department and joined the kickstart scheme to gain valuable experience and to see if marketing was something she’d like to pursue in the future.
“With no office experience in marketing I wasn’t sure what to expect but I’m thoroughly enjoying, and I’ve learnt so much about the business and the different aspects of marketing in the short amount of time I’ve been here.
I wasn’t expecting to be so involved with the team from the offset, but I’ve been lucky enough to work on some exciting projects and everyone is so keen to help and support me.
I’ve led meetings, helped to create some cool social posts, written my first press release and thought of new ideas for an upcoming campaign. I even met Roger Daltrey from The Who who came to strike their coin and was part of a special event to light up The Tower of London for the Queens 95th birthday.”

Andrew joined the kickstart scheme to help expand his knowledge in IT which appeals massively to him.
Andrew has been dealing with new issues each day and has had to learn new things quickly but says he’s always being supported by the team.

“My initial thoughts were that The Royal Mint was just a coin production company. However, after working here for a few months, there is way more than I expected which has made me even more inquisitive. The experience within my IT role allows me to explore all the aspects of the business while being able to help them. Not to mention the positivity and support from other employees which truly makes this experience even more unique.”


Jack joined our IT department in March. He says: “I’ve been here for three months and I’m thoroughly enjoying it, as every day is different. I love resolving problems for staff and it’s been nice meeting everyone from different departments that need help with their computers. The job here has really provided me with valuable experience and a chance to learn new things, building on my skills.”

Grace joined our Legal team in April. Before Covid-19 Grace was an assistant manager in a retail store, and Kickstart gave her the opportunity to change career:
“I’m studying law and this opportunity gives me a head start – it’s the perfect position as I am gaining knowledge and information from the team.
“I am really enjoying working with the team and gaining a better understanding of law in practice. This role is exciting and I’m eager to gain as much knowledge as possible to help with the legal studies that I will be continuing with in October.”


Kirsty joined our historic coin department as part of the Kickstart scheme. Kirsty joined kickstart to widen her experience and get the skills needed to develop her career.
“When I first started the scheme, I had little sales experience and hardly any knowledge of historic coins, but with the support of The Royal Mint and my colleagues, I was able to thrive in my role and meet my targets. I have now been at The Royal Mint for Four months and every day I look forward to speaking with our customers and providing them with a great service. From the start, I knew I would enjoy my time here at The Royal Mint as there has always been someone there to learn from or to support me.”

Josh joined our IT department and has seen his confidence grow while learning new skills:
“I am currently involved in 4 Robotic automations projects which all focus on saving time in many areas of the business. Watching the bots replicate human interactions on a computer in a fraction of the time never fails to amaze me! When I first started, I wouldn’t have imagined being able to juggle multiple projects at once but the support and resources I’ve received has been amazing and there’s always someone who knows the answer to my question.”


Callum has been with us since March working in our historic coin division. Callum has a really important role ensuring our customers have a great experience, and it involved learning a lot of new skills.
“I am feeling positive and happy within myself as I feel like I’m learning a new skill every day.
Working at The Royal Mint is always different and brings new challenges and I am excited to keep moving forward.”

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