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The Sovereign: Witness to History

The Sovereign is steeped in history. Its first minting, in 1489, was designed - after a half-century of bloody civil war - to celebrate a new-found stability in Henry VII's England. It became a symbol of strength and security through the tumultuous reigns of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I. And when it was reintroduced by George III in 1817 it became an abiding symbol of Britain's international dominance and the growth of the British Empire.

The Sovereign remained in general circulation for a century, setting the standard for world trade through the reigns of George III, William IV, Victoria, Edward VII and George V.  Only the cataclysm of the Great War led to it no longer being minted in Britain, and largely replaced by paper money.

Shortly after the accession of Her Majesty The Queen, The Sovereign was reintroduced in a new role - as a coin prized by collectors the world over.  And The Queen's coinage portraits, on the obverse of every coin, continue to bear witness to one of the most remarkable eras in British history.

Exciting news has been announced – the fourth definitive coinage portrait of Her Majesty The Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS has been replaced by a new fifth portrait. Designed by one of The Royal Mint’s own gifted engravers, Jody Clark, the fifth portrait conveys Her Majesty’s warmth, maturity and stature. The new portrait has been struck for the first time on our flagship coin, The Sovereign, and it is yours to secure in this impressive three-coin first edition set.

The Sovereign 2017

200th anniversary collection launching soon   
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