• 2011 Britannia

    The Britannia Design for 2011

    Continuing the Royal Mint tradition of working with exciting artists and craftspeople to produce some of the world’s finest Proof coins, discover how the Royal Mint commissioned Sculptor David Mach to produce a new Britannia coin design for 2011.
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  • Britannia and the Romans

    Britannia and the Romans

    It was the practice of the Romans to personify continents and countries as female figures and for the Province of Britannia they used the seated figure of Britannia. Discover the history of Britannia and the Romans with the Royal Mint.
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  • 2011 Britannia Masterpiece

    The 2011 Britannia Masterpiece

    Discover the artistry and story behind the design of the 2011 Masterpiece Medal inspired by Britannia
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  • Britannia on English Coins

    Britannia on British Coins

    Britannia has featured on British coins for many years.  She appeared on the copper coins of Charles II,  the famous cartwheel pennies and later bronze pennies of every monarch up until decimalisation.  Britannia was subsequently chosen to appear on the definitive 50p coin.
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  • David Mach RA

    David Mach RA 2011 Britannia Coin Designer

    David Mach designed the 2011 Britannia coin. Discover the background of british sculptor and coin designer David Mach RA.
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