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Frequently asked questions

1. What days of the week are the tours available?

The VIP Tours are only available on Wednesdays and are subject to availability. VIP Tours must be booked in advance and pre-arrival notes must be read before arrival.

2. Do I need any special information prior to doing the VIP Tour?

Yes. There are number of essential things you must do to be able to take part on the tour. For example, wearing flat shoes and also bringing along ID. You will not be allowed to do the tour without these. Please read ‘Pre-Arrival Information for Visitors’.

3. Are the coins that are displayed on the website and the leaflet being struck on the VIP Tour day?

No. These coins are for display purposes only. Coins are subject to change and will change periodically. Each level of VIP Tour will have a different coin. To strike your own coin is an additional cost.

4. Does the VIP Tour include the cost of the strike your own coin?

No. The cost for the strike your own coin is an additional cost. The cost will vary at the time of the tour depending on the coin being struck.

5. What coins are being struck?

The coins are subject to change and will be confirmed the week prior to your visit.

6. Can people with wheelchairs or disabilities take part?

Yes. Please be aware that wheelchairs will enter some buildings via a different entrance due to steps and ramps being positioned in different places. Your tour may also need to be amended if you have a nut allergy or if you wear a pace maker. Health questionnaires must be completed by all prior to attending.

7. Where do I report to when I come to do my tour?

Please come to The Royal Mint Experience.

8. Am I allowed to take photos and film?

No. Photography and film are not allowed however you can take photos within The Royal Mint Experience exhibition. Your tour guide will advise on the day.

9. What’s the maximum amount of people allowed on the tour?

The maximum amount of people allowed on the tour is 8. This is due to some areas being limited for space.

10. What if I or a member of my group is under 16?

You will not be allowed to take part in tours if you are under 16.

11. Can I bring my mobile phone?

No. Mobile phones, including coins, smoking materials, cameras, electronic devices, storage devices, mobile devices and laptops will not be allowed onto the main site. We advise that you do not bring these. These items will be allowed in to The Royal Mint Experience building only.

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