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Information relating to Coronavirus (Covid-19)

The Royal Mint Experience is currently being used to make protective visors for the NHS – so our gift shop will remain closed for a little while longer. Please keep an eye on our website and social media for further announcements – we can’t wait to welcome you back soon.

If you have any questions relating to existing bookings, please contact

Thank you for understanding at this difficult time.

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While we're closed, take a look at some highlights from the objects on display in our exhibition gallery.

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You'll learn more about the history of The Royal Mint, one of the top-rated tourist attractions in South Wales, and you will be able to see the special coins and rare historical memorabilia that our exhibition holds

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Just four miles from Junction 34 of the M4, The Royal Mint Experience is conveniently located for our visitors to find – we are just 20 minutes away from Wales’ capital city, Cardiff.

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Strike your own Iguanodon 50p

Dates TBC

In 1822 Mary Mantell found a fossilised tooth embedded in the rocks by the side of the road near Lewes in Sussex. Her husband Dr Gideon Mantell, an amateur palaeontologist, realised it belonged to a giant extinct reptile which he named Iguanodon in 1825.

Iguanodon lived during the Early Cretaceous period, 140–110 million years ago. Reaching a length of about ten metres, Iguanodon probably walked on both two and four legs. It may have used its thumb spike to fend off predators or prepare its food. 

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