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William wyon (1795–1851)


Struck in history. A timeless collection revived with state-of-the-art innovation and technology.

Una and the Lion

Remastering a Classic Design

William Wyon's Signature

Sympathy and Skill

Restoring a design from a bygone era requires sympathy and skill, and a blend of traditional handcrafting and modern striking techniques. The process starts with the original die, which in this case has been kept in storage at our museum for almost 200 years. Restored to its original condition, a silicone rubber mould is taken then scanned. Despite the passage of time, Wyon’s stamp has been carefully retained.

Una and The Lion Die Una and The Lion Plaster Die Una and The Lion Plaster
Una and The Lion Reverse
Una and The Lion 2 Ounce Golf Proof Coin Reverse

Transformed by Technology

In today’s twenty-first century mint, engravers aren’t bound in the same way. Instead of working within the confines of a coin’s circumference, they cut designs into oversized plaster models. The finished model is optically scanned, digitally capturing the finest details. The resulting scan can then be used by a laser cutter to reproduce the design perfectly, a level of precision that Wyon could only have dreamt of. No doubt he would have found the process fascinating.

William Wyon’s Una and the Lion is the first coin in a brand-new series – The Great Engravers.

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