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The White Lion of Mortimer

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The Queen’s Beasts Collection strides into 2020 with the White Lion of Mortimer

The latest coin in The Queen’s Beasts Collection from The Royal Mint has been released, continuing the heraldry-themed range.

Each of the coins in the collection features a contemporary depiction of one of ten beasts, inspired by the statues that lined the entrance to Her Majesty The Queen’s coronation in 1953.

The latest coin in the collection is the eighth in the series and features the White Lion of Mortimer. However, this regal lion reveals different qualities to the ferocious Lion of England that appeared on the first coin that launched the popular bullion range. 

From ancient cave drawings to the watchful bronze statues at London’s Trafalgar square, and modern-day emblems in football and cricket, lions have long been a symbol of courage, bravery and chivalry.

Lions are usually presented in aggressive and fearsome forms, but they don’t always have to be ferocious. Unlike the rampant Lion of England, the White Lion sits uncrowned, with its tail tucked away, a pose representing loyalty and discipline.

The White Lion came to The Queen through her Yorkist heritage. First used by Roger Mortimer, Earl of March, a founder Knight of the Order of the Garter, it passed to the House of York and was used by Richard II. The lion holds a shield bearing the white rose of York combined with the sun’s golden rays – a symbol important to Edward IV, who saw the sun as a sign of good luck in battle.

For this modern interpretation, renowned Royal Mint designer Jody Clark has surrounded each beast with a secure chainmail background – a symbol of strength and an unusually fine detail for coins finished to bullion standard.

Bullion coins from The Royal Mint are prized by investors all over the world, struck to the standards of quality, accuracy and security that you’d expect from a world-leading mint. Our portfolio of coins and bars continues to grow, ideal for the investor searching for new holdings.

The bullion coins of The Queen’s Beasts Collection bring together unique design and investment. This latest release is available in three editions: a two-ounce silver coin, a quarter-ounce gold edition and a one-ounce gold edition.

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