Our Top 10 Most Read Coin Collecting Articles in 2020

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As 2020 comes to a close and we begin to celebrate the ups and downs of a very turbulent year, we reflect on the articles we've published and reveal the most popular pieces that resonated with our coin collecting customers. 

James Bond Silver Proof Coin

10. An Aston Martin, submarine car and tuxedo – who else could we be celebrating but James Bond?

Our celebration of all things Bond has begun with the first release in the James Bond An Aston Martin, submarine car and tuxedo – who else could we be celebrating but James Bond? The stylish reverse designs that feature on the three coins in the 007 coin series were created by Matt Dent and Christian Davies, partners at design agency Bison Bison.

Medical Visors

9. The Royal Mint manufactures medical visors for NHS Heroes

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, the team at The Royal Mint has developed and manufactured a medical visor to support NHS staff in their current fight against Coronavirus.

Historic Coins

8. Coin collectors guide to getting a fair price for a coin

Rebecca Morgan, Head of Collector Services at The Royal Mint, says: “There are occasionally reports of coins selling for large amounts on the secondary market, some of which seem a bit farfetched, so we want to ensure collectors have the right information and pay a fair price.

Peter Rabbit

7. The evolution of Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit™ is the most-famous and well-known character that Beatrix Potter created and he hasbeen adored since he first appeared in ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’ in 1902.

White Horse of Hanover

6. The Story of the White Horse of Hanover

When Queen Anne, the last of the Stuarts, died in 1714, the British throne passed to George of Hanover, who became known as George I. He brought with him the heraldry of the region, including a White Horse on a red background, known in German as the ‘Sachsenross’ and in English as ‘the White Horse of Hanover’.


5. Coin nicknames

Over the past few hundred years, many coins have taken on names that they were never originally supposed to have. Though many of these do not survive to the present day, we present to you a selection of our best attempts at referencing and researching the murky history of coin nicknames. Enjoy!

Coins in stillage

4. Why are some coins magnetic?

From time to time we’re asked the question, ‘Why are some coins magnetic?’ It’s one of those interesting facts that you seem to just stumble across. I discovered it when a loose coin stuck to the back of a fridge magnet in a drawer! So, let’s take a look at the science behind it and some fun facts we found along the way…

Sir Winston Churchill

3. Ten facts about Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill lived to the age of 90, and in those years he accomplished many things. Most of us will remember Winston Churchill, the politician, and he is certainly remembered for his contribution to the Second World War, but that is just one side of this great man’s story.

Coin of the year 2019

2. Coin of the year 2019

2019 saw an array of designs on British Coins, but which was the design you loved the most? We opened up a public vote as 2019 came to a close and our customers voted in their thousands.

Una and the Lion

1. The Rarest Coins

Over 30 billion coins are estimated to be in circulation in the United Kingdom today. The Royal Mint has been creating coins since AD 886 and, as such, people across the country own coins which are no longer in use. Some of these coins could possibly be rare and might be very valuable.

We'd love to know what your favourite Royal Mint article was in 2020, please comment and let us know below.

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