Why do people buy historic coins?


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Have you ever thought of collecting Historic coins?

There are many reasons why you should seriously consider collecting Historic coins from The Royal Mint and here are our top 5….

  • Diversify your portfolio – Historic coins tend not to fluctuate in price with the precious metal markets, but rather, become more desirable over time to collectors. What’s more, there’s a finite amount of each Historic coin in existence, couple that with a growing demand from collectors and investors, and collecting Historic coins is becoming an interesting proposition for people from all walks of life.
  • Quality assured – All old coins from The Royal Mint come certified and guaranteed, which ensures its provenance when you look to pass them down to family members or sell them in the future.
  • A way to touch the past – Every historic coin has an interesting story to tell. Who owned them? What were they used to purchase? Historic coins link us to our forefathers and heritage unlike anything else you can own and collect.
  • It’s fun! – For the most part, your investments may just be numbers on a screen that only you are interested in. Collecting coins can be fun! You get to learn and understand more about interesting historical figures from Julius Caesar to Winston Churchill, significant periods of time such as World War One or the Battle of Waterloo, and what’s best is it’s a hobby you can share with your partner, friends, children or grandkids. With Historic coins you can invest, learn and share knowledge all at the same time!
  • Works of art that you can own - Coins throughout human history can be looked at as true works of art. We have been blessed at The Royal Mint to have had some of the greatest coin engravers of all time such as William Wyon, Benedetto Pistrucci and Mary Gillick, to help us produce some of the most stunning coins in history, featuring legendary designs such as Saint George slaying the Dragon, the Gothic Crown and the ‘Young Head’ portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.  Now, through The Royal Mints Collector Services department, you can own some of these original classic British coins as well as coins from around the World.


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