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Spruce up Your Collection for Spring

Spruce up Your Collection for Spring

Spring has sprung and the drab days of winter are a distant memory as colour and warmth return. Flowers poke through the earth and birdsong fills the air – everywhere you look, nature is a hive of activity. That sense of busyness extends to the home, as the annual spring clean begins. Time to sift and sort so everything looks its best.

As your coin collection grows, it can get harder to keep it in hand. So, as we spruce up for spring, what better time to reorganise and get those coins out on display. Best slip on a pair of gloves first though. Coins need to be handled with care because even the cleanest hands have oils in the skin that can leave permanent marks. And if you don’t have one already, a fold-out magnifier, or loupe as it’s known, allows you to enjoy the detail of each coin – more so through a high-quality glass lens.

A great place to start is by cataloguing your collection; you might even spot a few gaps in series you’re trying to complete. It’s time to track down those last few missing coins because nothing beats the satisfaction of owning a full set. To give your collection a museum feel you could arrange your coins by the year of issue or alternatively, you could organise them by theme, for example royalty, military and children’s characters.

It’s a shame to keep your coins locked away in a drawer where no one can see them, so maybe it’s time to invest in a display cabinet, provided it’s appropriate for use. Be careful though, scrimping here could ruin your entire collection. Low prices mean corners have usually been cut somewhere and with bargain basement cabinets this can often be the glue. A plywood cabinet won’t just diminish the look and feel of the premium coins you own; the low-quality glue that holds it together gives off damaging fumes. So, it’s best to invest in something from a reputable supplier that’s been designed and built specifically for coins.

And as spring ushers in new beginnings and new adventures, maybe it’s time look at your collection with fresh eyes and consider new ranges from The Royal Mint.

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