The Sovereign 2020 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin

On our journey through life, milestones mark our way. Now you can celebrate these unforgettable moments in the lives of your friends and family with The Sovereign. The Sovereign story begins in 1489, when Henry VII demanded a ‘new money of gold’. An object of rare beauty, collected and treasured all over the world, each new edition still inspires awe and fascination.

The Sovereign 2020 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin features Benedetto Pistrucci’s classic St George and the dragon design and is struck in a special Matt finish. This year’s edition has also been embellished with a special mint mark, the royal cypher of George III, commemorating the 200th anniversary of the end of the reign of the first monarch to appear on the modern Sovereign. Each coin comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that guarantees it was struck by The Royal Mint, the home of The Sovereign.


The Sovereign 2020 Gold Brilliant Uncirculated Coin

Specification Value
Denomination Sovereign
Maximum Coin Mintage 12000
Alloy 22 Carat Gold
Weight 7.98 g
Diameter 22.05mm
Specification Value
Reverse Designer Benedetto Pistrucci
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Quality Brilliant Uncirculated
Year 2020
Additional Features Matt finish, George III mint mark
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