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The Final Commemorative Coins from the Reign of Queen Elizabeth II

Having struck every official UK coin of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s 70-year reign, we are now offering budding coin collectors and experienced numismatists the last chance to buy commemorative coins struck during the monarch’s final year.

Our 2022-dated coins celebrate a range of themes, from British royalty to cultural icons, and are available in a variety of editions. With limited stock remaining, these coins will no longer be available from The Royal Mint after 31 December 2023, making this an opportunity to own and gift a precious keepsake honouring a remarkable British monarch.



The End of an Era

The End of an Era

Collect commemorative coins struck during the final year of Queen Elizabeth II’s historic reign, the longest in British history.

Last Chance to Collect

Last Chance to Collect

Commemorative coins dated 2022 and featuring the fifth and final coinage portrait of Queen Elizabeth II will not be available from The Royal Mint after 31 December 2023.

Diverse and Exciting Themes

Diverse and Exciting Themes

From iconic figures of British culture to exquisite royal heraldry, these limited commemorative coin ranges celebrate a rich array of themes.

British Royalty

From a historic Platinum Jubilee to British monarchs from the past, discover various coins that pay tribute to British royal figures and events.

Invention and Discovery

From pivotal scientific breakthroughs to the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb, the United Kingdom has produced its fair share of brilliant and inquisitive minds.

Icons of British Culture

Discover incredible musical talents, including Dame Vera Lynn and The Rolling Stones, and one of the world’s most beloved works of children’s literature celebrated on coins.

Momentous Milestones and Anniversaries

Commemorate the 25th anniversary of the largest circulating coin denomination in the United Kingdom, and explore coins that mark momentous milestones.

International Traditions and Landmarks

Explore coins that honour an important symbol in Chinese culture and discover coins that pay tribute to great cities of the world and the landmarks that define them.

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