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A range of gifts that will inform, interest and delight.

Gifts for Children

Start a new hobby today.

Inform, interest and delight both younger and older children with the range of gifts from The Royal Mint.

Whether it’s a special occasion or a big birthday to celebrate, The Royal Mint has a huge range of coins suitable for children of all ages. You may want to give a gift that has an element of historical significance or something to mark an important year in the child’s life. You may also want to give the children in your life a keepsake gift that will be treasured and appreciated for many years to come. Our collection of gifts for children at The Royal Mint are guaranteed to do just that and children will be delighted to receive a beautifully crafted coin on that special occasion.

Coins are fantastic gifts for children and mark a real investment in their future; however, when you give a coin you are not just giving a physical gift. With our range of coins and coin sets, you can give the wonderful and priceless gift of a hobby to a child. Coin collecting is one of the most interesting and educational hobbies; children can learn about our rich and varied British history, improve numeracy skills and keep up with current and important events. There is also great satisfaction and fun to be had in building a collection of interesting and wonderfully crafted coins. At The Royal Mint, our selection of coin gifts for children makes starting a hobby of coin collecting easy. Whether you choose to give one of our coin sets or a commemorative coin, it only takes a single coin to start a lifelong collection.

Whilst coins continue to be popular gifts for children, The Royal Mint also has a range of limited edition medals that reflect existing hobbies or interests that children may have. These are fantastic gifts and children will delight over the outstanding craftsmanship, beautiful design and personalised representation of their area of interest. Our medals depict a number of things, from scenes from favourite television shows to exciting moments in British history, so it is likely that you will find the perfect gift amongst our stunning medal collection.

It’s never too early to begin planning presents for that special occasion, birthday or even Christmas, so look no further than The Royal Mint to find a gift that is steeped in meaning, tradition and perhaps most importantly, fun. Coins really are gifts for life and the joy that comes with a new hobby or interest is priceless. On a more practical note, coins can also be a valuable financial investment into a child’s future and they are a great way to set up a nest egg for them to appreciate as they grow up.

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