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Gifts for Baby

Celebrate the wonder of a new baby with coins to cherish.

Gifts for Baby

Celebrate the joy of a new baby with personal or precious baby and christening gifts from The Royal Mint.

Welcoming a tiny bundle of joy into the world is one of the most special experiences friends and family can enjoy and the arrival of a new baby signals the start of an amazing journey. It is traditional for friends and relatives to bestow well wishes, good fortune and good luck on a new arrival. However, many also choose to buy birth or christening gifts to wish the new baby a bright and happy future. With special and beautifully crafted baby coin gift sets from The Royal Mint, you can do just that. Our range of charming coin gifts for new babies provides enduring keepsakes that will be treasured for many years to come.

Whether new parents choose to hold a christening or a naming ceremony, the practice of giving gifts to a new born baby is now customary, but it is also one that is steeped in tradition. Christening gifts, in particular, have significant history behind them and many people will be familiar with the tradition of giving a new baby an item of silver upon arrival. This custom is centuries old and began as a way of financially investing in a newborn’s future to give them the best possible start in life. Silver coins were often the christening gift of choice but as the centuries progressed, it became commonplace to give silver trinkets in the opulent Victorian period. These trinkets lost popularity after the 1800s, however, and it has now become customary once again to give a new baby a silver coin or coin gift set at birth.

In terms of symbolism, coins represent a life-long investment in a newborn’s future; not only are they a way of setting up a nest egg for a baby, they signify an emotional investment for the years to come. Furthermore, coins are also often seen as symbols of good luck and the silver sixpence is traditionally the luckiest coin in Britain. Silver sixpences were introduced in 1551 and have been considered symbols of luck since then. Fathers of brides-to-be would place them in their daughter’s shoes for good fortune on her wedding day and children still hope to find the lucky sixpence in the pudding at Christmas. For this reason, many people choose to give this coin as a christening gift as a way of bestowing good luck on a new baby for life.

At The Royal Mint, you can discover christening and birth gift coins that range from traditional keepsake coins, to beautifully crafted silver sixpences or even collectors coin sets to give a new baby the gift of a hobby. All of the coins in our timeless and charming baby gift range come dated with the year of issue, meaning you can give a thoughtful christening gift that really will be treasured forever.

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