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Silver Proof
Mayflower 2020 UK £2 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin

Price: £117.50

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Silver Proof
The Remembrance Day 2018 UK £5 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin

Price: £170.00

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Silver Proof
Rosalind Franklin 2020 UK 50p Piedfort Silver Proof Coin

Price: £102.50

No Longer Available

As their name suggests, Piedforts are closely associated with France where they can be traced back to the twelfth century. These special coins were given the name ‘Piedfort’ meaning ‘heavy measure.’

Striking these thicker coins began later in England and was less frequent, although Edward I did issue thick silver pennies. In the Middle Ages coins were often struck in different places, not just London. So it looks like the early Piedforts were created to be sent to engravers across the country to show them the designs they should follow when creating dies.

Making the pieces thick and heavy helped to ensure they weren’t mixed up with ordinary coins as legal tender.

While France carried on making Piedforts for this purpose for at least another 150 years, Britain stopped producing Piedforts in this way in the sixteenth century; the last example is a sixpence of 1588.

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