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Star Wars™ R2D2 Silver Proof Medal Cover

  • A numbered, limited edition of just 750
  • Includes a hallmarked, silver Proof medal available exclusively in this product
  • Learn more about R2D2’s technical specifications
  • The cover’s design is embellished with silver foil highlights
Price: £99.99
  • No Longer Available
  • Product code: SW17RSPM

Celebrate the exploits of the resourceful little droid

Wilful and eccentric, R2D2 tests the patience of counterpart C-3PO to the limit but his versatility and utility are unrivalled. Whether he’s loaded up on the back of an X-Wing for close-quarters space combat, plugging into networks no other droid can access, or safeguarding stolen data tapes vital to the survival of the Rebellion, R2D2 always delivers, despite the occasional glitch.

As R2D2 prepares to take a back seat in the battles to come, Royal Mail has produced a stamp and coin cover celebrating some of the series’ most iconic characters. Royal Mail’s striking stamps are accompanied by a specially commissioned Royal Mint medal.

This limited edition cover features a stamp sheet including eight stamps and an information card written by Star Wars expert Simon Beecroft detailing R2D2’s exploits across his epic story arc. Each cover contains a hallmarked, silver Proof medal designed exclusively for this product.

The obverse of the medal shows R2D2 on board the Millennium Falcon, while the reverse shows the pivotal scene where Princess Leia hides the Death Star plans inside the little droid to keep them from Darth Vader.

The stamps are cancelled by an exclusive handstamp featuring the Star, Llanfyrnach location, uniquely tying these stamps to the cover.

Star Wars™ R2D2 Silver Proof Medal Cover

Maximum Coin Mintage 750
Alloy .925 Sterling Silver
Weight 28.28g
Diameter 38.45mm
Quality Proof

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