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Own a piece of history from the time of the Mayflower

Mark the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower’s voyage with coins from the reign of James I

A firm believer in Christian unity, James I’s staunch support of the Church of England – compelling his subjects to attend services, fund the church through taxes, and unquestioningly accept its beliefs – upset Calvinist Protestants. In 1620, one group boarded the Mayflower and sailed to the New World in search of religious freedom. Landing in modern-day Massachusetts, the democratic self-government they established would guide the founding principles of the United States.

As we mark the 400th anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower, Royal Mint Collector Services has sourced a selection of coinage from the reign of James I to coincide with the occasion. A tangible link to the time of the Mayflower, and offered for sale by the mint where these coins were originally struck, they provide a unique way to experience the fascinating history of this period.

James I (1603–25) Gold Laurel, Third Bust MM Rose

James I (1603–25) Gold Laurel, Third Bust MM Rose

Year of the Mayflower


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James I (1603–25)
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