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George III (1760-1820), silver Maundy Set, 1800

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George III (1760-1820), silver Maundy Set, 1800, Fourpence, Threepence, Twopence, Penny, older laureate and cuirassed bust right, Latin legend and toothed border surrounding both sides, GEORGIVS III DEI GRATIA, rev. crowned mark of value, date below, legend commences lower left .MAG. BRI. FR ET. HIB. REX. (Bull 2239; ESC 2421; Robinson 287, 288, 289, 290; S.3764). Toned, Twopence about very fine, Penny good very fine, others extremely fine.

The obverse effigy from the Penny die punch was that used on the octagonal countermarks upon the Spanish Reales from the Bank of England.

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