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1917 George V Sovereign Extremely Fine

  • An original 22 carat gold Sovereign struck in 1917
  • From The Royal Mint the home of The Sovereign
  • Struck at one of the branch mints in operation in 1917
  • A sought-after, wartime edition of The Sovereign
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A Story of Survival

Celebrate The Sovereign with a rare branch mint edition struck in 1917

The Sovereign is a coin with a rich history that stretches back more than 500 years. As we celebrate 200 years of the 'modern' Sovereign, this edition takes us back to a time when war gripped the world and The Sovereign would evolve once again.

1917 was the last year that Sovereigns were to be produced at The Royal Mint's Tower Hill home for many decades. At this time, branches of The Royal Mint around the world struck Sovereigns to meet demand across the globe, each branch having its own mintmark to identify where the coin had been struck. Despite this global production, Sovereigns produced by The Royal Mint in London from 1917 are now very rare as many of those that survived the war were melted down to pay off war debts to America.

The obverse of this 1917 edition features the portrait of George V, an ancestor of Her Majesty The Queen. On the reverse is Benedetto Pistrucci's St George and the dragon design with an identifying mintmark.

Join the celebration of The Sovereign with this 1917 edition, marking a significant milestone in the coin's history.

1917 George V Sovereign Extremely Fine

Alloy 22 Carat Gold
Reverse Designer Benedetto Pistrucci
Obverse Designer Bertram MacKennal
Year 1917
Pure Metal Type Gold

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