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1887 Queen Victoria £2 Jubilee Double Sovereign

  • First Double Sovereign to be struck for circulation since 1823
  • Year-dated 1887
  • ‘Jubilee Head’ obverse portrait with the classic Pistrucci St George and the Dragon on the reverse
  • A Double-Sovereign in 22 carat gold
  • An original, circulated coin in ‘Very Fine’ condition
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1887 Victoria £2 Jubilee Double-Sovereign

This year is a memorable anniversary for one of the greatest monarchs in British history, 180 years since the coronation of Queen Victoria in 1838. By the time Queen Victoria’s sovereignty ended, after a then record 63 years on the throne, not only did Victoria reign over the largest empire the world had ever known, that included a quarter of the world’s population, but her coinage had also become one of the most unique in British history. Queen Victoria was the first to issue £5 gold coins for general circulation, first to issue a gold Sovereign to feature both George and the Dragon and Shield reverses, and she issued new coins such as the famous ‘Godless’ Silver Florins and the ‘Barmaids Grief’, the Double Florin.
The standout moment however, occurred in 1887 when to celebrate her Golden Jubilee, a new portrait was designed to grace Victoria’s coinage. The new effigy of the Queen, the Jubilee head portrait, was produced by the skilled engraver Joseph Edgar Boehm.
At the forefront of this portrait change was the trusted Sovereign, the coin that built the Empire, and as a loyal customer of The Royal Mint, you can now add the original 1887 Double Gold Sovereign in Very Fine condition to your collection.

1887 Queen Victoria £2 Jubilee Double Sovereign

Denomination £2
Alloy 22 Carat Gold
Weight 15.97 g
Reverse Designer Benedetto Pistrucci
Obverse Designer Joseph Edgar Boehm
Year 1887
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