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The Threepence Through Change

  • Includes coins issued under three different monarchs
  • The brass threepence was the United Kingdom’s first 12-sided coin
  • Presented in packaging that brings the story of the threepence to life
  • Chart the evolution of the coin through its three incarnations

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Change and Transformation

A three-coin set charts the evolution of the threepence

Before decimalisation the threepence was a staple of daily life. As the coin changed, so did the country. From the identity crisis of the interwar years, through renewed global conflict, to the second Elizabethan age and its new spirit of optimism, the story of the threepence, like that of Britain, is one of transformation.

This three-coin set follows its evolution during the middle of the twentieth century. Silver coins issued under George V and George VI are presented alongside their eventual replacement. With its unique 12-sided design, the brass threepence is one of Britain’s best-loved coins. Initial suspicion gave way to affection as the public took the coin to their hearts. Thanks to its unusual shape it was easy to find when fishing for change and it was the first coin to bear the portrait of Her Majesty The Queen.

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