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50 Years of Decimalisation: The First 5p and 10p

  • The coins in this set mark a new chapter in the history of The Royal Mint and in Britain’s currency
  • Contains the shilling, the florin and the decimal 5p and 10p pieces
  • Features coins carefully sourced and authenticated by The Royal Mint
  • The first of the new decimal coinage (5p and 10p pieces) struck at Tower Hill in 1968, paired with their pre-decimal counterparts
  • The packaging comes with information and insights from The Royal Mint detailing the history behind decimalisation
  • The coins are of Extremely Fine quality
Price: £39.95
  • Awaiting Stock
  • Product code: HISDEC50

50 Years of Decimalisation

Marking the moment when the history of British currency changed forever

2018 marks 50 years of decimalisation in Britain, the biggest change in the country’s monetary system for centuries. To meet the demands of the new decimal system, a completely new Royal Mint was built. Work began in August 1967 at Llantrisant, South Wales, where the new site was being built – a move from the old site in Tower Hill, London . Her Majesty The Queen opened the first phase of the new site in December 1968.

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