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Vintage Penny Farthing Print

  • Features genuine penny and farthing coins struck by The Royal Mint
  • Each work of art is unique
  • A thoughtful gift or attractive addition to your own home
  • Perfect for the vintage enthusiast
  • A charming representation of the penny-farthing along with the coins that named it
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Vintage Penny Farthing Print

The penny-farthing is a charming icon of a bygone age. We have created a delightful gift by coupling a print of its unmistakable outline with the coins that inspired its name. Mounted and presented in a frame, this unique piece makes a tasteful addition to any home.

Most people are familiar with the sight of the penny-farthing – enthusiasts of this early bicycle can still be seen riding them on Britain’s streets – but fewer people are familiar with the story behind the name. When people first saw the huge front wheel next to the small rear one, they were reminded of the penny and farthing coins that they carried in their pockets and purses. Held in the hand, the ratio of penny to farthing, which was worth one-fourth of a penny, must have seemed similar to the bicycle.

The Vintage Penny Farthing Print comes with genuine penny and farthing coins struck by The Royal Mint, the home of British coinage. As each of the vintage coins will have aged differently, each work of art is unique.


Frame Length: 375mm

Frame Width: 300mm



Alloy Bronze
Weight 9.45 g
Diameter 30.86mm
Obverse Designer TH Paget
Year 1937-1956
Fineness Minimum Very Fine

Farthing - Wren Design

Alloy Bronze
Weight 2.83 g
Diameter 20.19mm
Obverse Designer TH Paget
Edge Inscription HW Parker
Year 1937-1956
Fineness Minimum Very Fine

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