Historic Pennies

Whether a seasoned coin collector or a youngster new to the world of collecting, historic coins hold a certain fascination - what tales do these coins tell? Whose hands have they passed through over the years? The Royal Mint’s newly released historic penny collection is likely to ignite the imagination of anyone wanting to explore the story of Britain through the reigns of monarchs from Victoria to Elizabeth, penny by penny.


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First World War Pennies Set

Price: £36.00

In Stock

Queen Victoria Penny

Price: £7.00

In Stock

Queen Elizabeth II 1967 Penny

Queen Elizabeth II 1967 Penny

Uncirculated Condition

Price: £5.00

In Stock

Medieval Long Cross Silver Penny

Price: £110.00

In Stock

Vintage Penny Farthing Print

Price: £50.00

Awaiting Stock

Medieval Short Cross Silver Penny

Price: £120.00

Awaiting Stock

1797 George III Penny "Cartwheel" type

Price: £80.00

Awaiting Stock

Victoria Effigies Pennies Set

Price: £75.00

Awaiting Stock

Victoria to Elizabeth Penny by Penny

Price: £30.00

No Longer Available

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