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Windsor Silver Sixpence Set

  • Features the brand new decimal 6p|The first time a silver sixpence has been struck since 1946
  • The first silver sixpence of Her Majesty The Queens reign
  • The set also contains two original sixpences, a coin from the reigns of George V and George VI
  • The only way outside of the gift range to own the decimal 6p
Price: £48.00
  • No Longer Available
  • Product code: HISWSSS

The silver sixpence makes a return

Joined by two original sixpences all from the House of Windsor

The Windsor Silver Sixpence Set is inspired by the past, but celebrates a new United Kingdom coin denomination - a modern, year-dated silver six pence. In 2016 the silver sixpence makes a welcome return, where traditions can be reimagined all over again for a new generation. This new decimal 6p will not enter circulation and will only be available as part of The Royal Mint's gifting range and this set, which celebrates the popular coin and the House of Windsor.

This is the first silver sixpence to be struck since 1946 and during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. The new coin bears the fifth definitive coinage portrait of The Queen by Royal Mint coin designer Jody Clark, with a reverse designed by experienced coinage artist John Bergdahl. The modern sixpence sits alongside two original coins from the reigns of Her Majesty's father, George VI, and her grandfather, George V - three coins from three monarchs of the House of Windsor. The coins are presented together in a Royal Mint case, along with a booklet on their history and a Certificate of Authenticity.

About Set

The ‘little sixpence’ or ‘handy tanner’ as the coin was fondly known, was demonetised in 1980 following decimalisation, much to the dismay of the public. The coin remains a part of British traditions to this day, popped into Christmas puddings for luck on Stir Up Sunday, and the shoes of brides on their wedding day as part of the customary ‘Something old, something new…’ rhyme.

In 2016, the silver sixpence is struck once again but not for circulation. The traditional good luck gift will generally be reserved for The Royal Mint’s gifting range, but to celebrate the launch of this new decimal 6p it has been joined with two of its ancestors in a limited edition set.

The Windsor Silver Sixpence Set contains the new 2016 six pence, along with two original sixpences. The first coin in the set was struck from 1920, during the time of George V, who reigned between 1910 and 1936. The second coin is from the reign of George VI, and was struck until 1946, the last year that a sixpence was minted in silver, until today.

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