War and Currency

In his new book Dr Kevin Clancy seeks to explore this relationship through the objects left behind after the guns have fallen silent. Along the way he unearths some moving stories that marry moments of profound change with the detail of everyday life.

Illustrated throughout, this book offers an accessible amount of some of the main themes that have defined money and war. Against the backdrop of major tuning points, nations have identified themselves through their currencies and their conflicts. It is the story of the iconography of the victorious prince or the loot sacked from a defeated city; the regular pay of a mercenary army or the heart-warming souvenir created in a muddy trench.

About Dr Kevin Clancy

Dr Kevin Clancy is Director of the Royal Mint Museum and President of the British Numismatic Society. He has published and lectured on the history of the British coinage for over twenty years.

As Director of the Royal Mint Museum he has played a central role in shaping the future of the Museum as a charity through its education, publication and exhibition programmes, including the creation of visitor attractions on the history of The Royal Mint at the Tower of London and as part of The Royal Mint Experience. His publications include Designing Change (2008), A History of the Sovereign: Chief Coin of the World (2015) and The Royal Mint: an illustrated History (second edition, 2016).


Objects of War: Currency in a Time of Conflict

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