Kings and Queens: The Concise Guide by Richard Cavendish & Pip Leahy

This is a fully comprehensive guide to the rulers of the British nations and their chequered histories, from pre-Roman times to the present day. From King Kenneth I and Henry VIII through to Princess Diana, the Queen Mother and Her Majesty The Queen, Kings and Queens: The Concise Guide reveals the lives and personalities of each monarch – the good, bad, lazy, greedy, downright wicked, sometimes mad and occasionally brilliant – and examines the ways in which they have shaped history.

Including family trees, key facts and further details, as well as timelines to help place each monarch in their historical context, the book covers the major social, political and commercial events of each monarch's reign. There is also additional information on the spirit, traditions and innovations of the nation at the time, including politics, arts, architecture and fashions. It is a magnificent visual feast in an appealing format, which guarantees to bring history alive for readers of all ages, through exciting narrative, famous paintings and rare archive photographs.



Specification Value
Year 2007
Pages 480
Country Of Origin United Kingdom
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