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The Morgan dollar has long been associated with the ‘Wild West’ but this quintessentially American coin has a fascinating British link. In 1876, Henry Linderman, the Director of the US Mint at Philadelphia, began the task of redesigning the nation’s coinage, and the talents of George T. Morgan were brought to his attention when he was recommended by Charles Fremantle, Deputy Master of The Royal Mint. Morgan sailed for the US in September 1876 and made a good impression right away. Within 18 months, he had designed the Morgan dollar, the coin which made him famous. He went on to enjoy a long and distinguished career at the US Mint and was promoted to Chief Engraver in 1917, a position he held until his death in 1925.

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1878–1921 US Silver Morgan Dollar

One of the most famous coins in American history

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US Silver Peace Dollar

US Silver Peace Dollar

Mixed dates - Very Fine

Price: £55.00

In Stock

1878-1921 US Silver Morgan Dollar

1878-1921 US Silver Morgan Dollar

Very Fine - mixed dates

Price: £60.00

In Stock

1986 US Silver Dollar

1986 US Silver Dollar

Uncirculated condition

Price: £79.00

In Stock

US Kennedy Half Dollar

Price: £25.00

In Stock

US, Indian Head Gold $3 1854-1889 EF

Price: £1,140.00

Awaiting Stock

US, Liberty Head Gold $1, Type I EF

Price: £290.00

Awaiting Stock

USA Liberty Head Gold $20

Price: £2,500.00

Awaiting Stock

Gold Proof
2006 USA Gold $50 Buffalo

Price: £2,795.00

Awaiting Stock

US, Liberty Head Gold $1, Type 2 EF

Price: £540.00

Limited Stock

US, Indian Head Gold $2.5 1908-1929

Price: £495.00

Limited Stock

US, Saint Gaudens Gold $20 1907-1933 EF

Price: £2,420.00

Limited Stock

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