Tsar Nicholas II will always be remembered as the last of the Russian Royal’s and the ending of a dynasty that stretched back a thousand years, but he never craved the power that Russian Monarchs had done in the past, quoted as saying “I never wanted to become one”. Regardless, he was duty-bound and on the 1st of November 1894, in a lavish ceremony at the Dormition Cathedral at the Kremlin, his coronation took place in front of the great privileged classes of the day along with foreign delegations.

However, many people are unaware that Tsar Nicholas was also the grandson of our own Queen Victoria, the first cousin of George V (to whom he bared a striking resemblance) and the first cousin of German ruler Keiser Wilhelm II. Despite the family bond with the German ruler, when WWI began Russia came to the aid of France and Britain, with Nicholas installing himself as Supreme Commander. The Tsar proved to be a stubborn leader, constantly declining the advice of his generals in the field and Russian heavy losses in the war badly affected his popularity with his subjects.

By December 1916 his allies in the Russian court had turned against him, disgusted at his handling of the war effort and with the high poverty of the Russian people. Demonstrations began all over Russian capital and the Tsar’s demise was all but sealed when Russian troops refused his orders to open fire upon the gathered protesters.

As unrest grew, Nicholas II was forced to abdicate his throne and he and his family went into exile. Arrangements began to be made for Nicholas and his family to flee to Britain, but the plan was vetoed.

After many months in custody, in 1918 Nicholas II and his family were taken by revolutionaries and executed, a tragic and final end to the Romanov dynasty and Russian monarchy.

During the communist rule that followed, gold and silver coins were recalled by the state, so it is remarkable that these coins still exist today.


Specification Value
Weight 4.30 g
Diameter 18.55mm
Pure Metal Type Gold
Country Of Origin Russian Federation
Specification Value
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