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The Government of British India ran efficient mints in Bombay and Calcutta, which were usually managed by British military officers. This limited the assistance of The Royal Mint to the preparation of master tools from which the Indian mints could make their own dies. In 1908, however, The Royal Mint helped to provide technical assistance with the introduction of a new one anna coin with a revolutionary scalloped shape. In 1986, a very large order was received for 1 rupee cupro-nickel coins featuring an existing design. Dated 1985, they feature the famous Ashokan pillar at Sarnath, the site of Buddha’s first sermon, and show four lions back to back. This is the emblem of modern India and has featured on Indian coins since its independence. More recently, coin blanks have been supplied to India to assist the Indian mints to meet the demand for their coins.

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Victoria Young Head Gold Mohur VF, British India

Struck on behalf of the East India Company

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1857-1901 Victoria Jaipur Gold Mohur VF

Price: £890.00

Limited Stock

East India Company, Gold Star Pagoda (1740-1807) - EF

Price: £530.00

Limited Stock

British India, George VI, 1/2 Anna

Price: £40.00

Limited Stock

1918 Branch Mint Set Colonial Mints

Price: £2,895.00

Limited Stock

Silver Rupee

Price: £55.00

Limited Stock

British India, Victoria Young Head Gold Mohur – VF

Price: £5,730.00

Awaiting Stock

Brilliant Uncirculated Coin
2014 Sovereign I Mint Mark

2014 Sovereign I Mint Mark

Brilliant uncirculated

Price: £995.00

Awaiting Stock

George V 1918 India Sovereign

George V 1918 India Sovereign

Extremely Fine Condition - Special one year issue.

Price: £650.00

Awaiting Stock

1862 Victoria Gothic Head Gold Mohur EF

Price: £3,860.00

Awaiting Stock

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