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Gold Coins

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Gold Coins

Mankind has always valued gold. From Bronze Age man through to the Egyptian pharaohs, the gold artifacts and treasures found by archaeologists show that civilisation after civilisation has valued and admired gold. This precious metal has symbolised wealth and luxury for centuries.

With its distinctive rich colour and its malleable properties, gold is also an ideal material for making coins. Its strength and resistance to corrosion makes gold pretty much indestructible. So you can be sure that gold coins are made to last. Gold’s relative scarcity makes it a sought-after and valued commodity. Perhaps this is why families pass on gold coins from generation to generation.

From our gold Sovereigns to the iconic Britannia, Jane Austen to Sir Isaac Newton, there are many gold coins to choose from. Each one has its own story to tell, and is a precious work of art in itself. 

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