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The Great British Coin Hunt 50p Album - Volume 1

  • The album contains information which describes each coin and its relevance
  • All the 50p coins can be found in circulation, meaning everyone can join the Great British Coin Hunt
  • A safe and secure way to store the 1997–2006 50p coins you have found
  • A collector album which focuses on important moments in British history
  • Please note the coins are not included in the album – start your Great British Coin Hunt for the coins already in circulation today
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The Great British Coin Hunt – The 50p Collection Volume One

This first volume of the Great British Coin Hunt 50p Collection contains information about and spaces for coins depicting themes and topics from the incredible bravery of the British Armed Forces to the revolutionary system which changed the history of healthcare in Britain and groundbreaking politics.

These album has been designed to house the following coins:

  • 1997–2008 Britannia 50p
  • 1998 National Health Service 50p
  • 1998 United Kingdom's Presidency of the European Union and the 25th Anniversary of the United Kingdom's accession to the European Economic Community 50p
  • 2000 Public Libraries Act 50p
  • 2003 The Formation of the Women's Social and Political Union 50p
  • 2004 The First Sub-Four-Minute Mile by Roger Bannister 50p
  • 2005 Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language 50p
  • 2006 The Institution of the Victoria Cross 1 50p

Collectors adore finding elusive 50p designs in their change and this collector album, specially designed to house the described coins, is the perfect accompaniment to show off your finds.

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