Celebrating the ‘Father of Television’


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Born in Scotland in 1888, John Logie Baird was a prolific inventor and natural engineer, famous for his early prototypes of television. However, he could never have imagined the impact of his work and how it would ultimately change society and entertainment around the world.

At the time, Baird was one of several inventors who were in a neck-and-neck race to be the first to successfully develop the technology to transmit and receive moving pictures. However, his experiments paid off and Baird became the first person to publicly demonstrate television. In some ways, this was Baird’s first taste of real success. The pioneer of modern television had a string of inventions and mostly failed business ventures behind him, including a jam-making business in the Caribbean!

Now, to mark the 75th anniversary of his death, we pay tribute to Baird and the visionary work that brings generations of families together every day. A 50p coin celebrates the inventor and his creation with a design that captures the key milestones in his life. Design company Osborne Ross have presented these milestones in the form of lines of transmission, which radiate from a central point.

A new Perspective

“The equipment that Logie Baird used for his first broadcast isn’t recognisable to our modern eyes as a television, so we looked for another way to express the idea of transmission. A silhouette of the mast at Crystal Palace, together with the radiating circles indicating a broadcast, gave a strong graphic illustration which worked well within the shape of the coin.

“We felt that using the radiating lines as a timeline of Logie Baird’s life and achievements would help to give the viewer a second level of read. We worked closely with the Product Design department at The Royal Mint, using their expertise to add nuance and subtle modelling to the concept and bring it alive in three dimensions.”

Andrew Ross, Creative Partner at Osborne Ross

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