Celebrating Her Majesty The Queen’s Momentous 95th Birthday


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With a record-breaking reign characterised by unprecedented achievements and milestones, it’s hard to believe that Her Majesty was once a princess that nobody ever expected to become queen. Born third in line to the throne, it was due to her uncle’s abdication and the unexpected loss of her father that she found herself being crowned at 25. However, Her Majesty very quickly earned a place in the hearts of the people throughout the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, thanks to her earnest commitment and devotion to her people.

We’re proud to have struck every UK coin of The Queen’s reign, from the first ones that marked her coronation to the coinage of an experienced and much-loved monarch. The year 2021 signifies a personal milestone for Her Majesty and we’ll be celebrating with the nation as our queen turns 95, making her the first British monarch to reach such a grand age. The coin’s reverse, designed by Timothy Noad, is a floral tribute, featuring The Queen’s own words, ‘MY HEART AND MY DEVOTION,’ as the inscription.

A Floral Celebration

“Her Majesty The Queen is well-known as a lover of flowers and gardens. I like the idea that a posy or bouquet is often presented to The Queen, perhaps on her birthday, and that this could be a tribute from the four nations of the United Kingdom. I wanted it to look suitably royal but with an element of informality for the personal nature of the occasion. I also enjoy gardening, which I find relaxing and creative as well as an inspiration for my work.

“I wanted to create a tapestry-like effect, with the Royal Cypher standing out against a dense, circular mass of leaves and flowers. I originally experimented with using spring flowers but eventually settled on the national floral emblems, which are tried and tested in coin designs and clearly connect The Queen to the four UK nations. For this design, I made the flowers more naturalistic and less formal than usual. I also felt that Her Majesty would prefer to be given a daffodil flower than the more heraldically correct Welsh leek!”

Timothy Noad

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