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8 May 1945, now known as VE Day, saw the beginning of the end of the Second World War – the conflict that claimed the lives of millions and reshaped the future of countries and continents. Seventy-five years on, Victory in Europe (VE) Day is recalled by the last of the generation that were there and celebrated by the many generations that followed. In 2020, we remember the first hopeful steps towards lasting peace.


VE Day celebrations in London, 8 May 1945. © IWM (HU 41808)


The story of VE Day, a key moment in the lives of millions of people, is told through a £2 coin design by Royal Mint designer Dominique Evans.




“My Nan very much inspired the design for this coin – bringing to life her stories of this time when she was a young girl in London, sent to Bournemouth during the war. She can so vividly recount the emotion and colour of VE Day and how the news swept through our family, neighbours, towns and cities. I have placed people at the very heart of this coin, with rays that echo the anti-aircraft searchlights – so familiar in the war-torn skies. Here they become rays of hope on the evening of VE Day, behind the façade of St Paul’s Cathedral.”

Dominique Evans



Sales of this product support the work of Imperial War Museums ©IWM

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