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A story of respect, terror, comradery and war… D-Day veteran Alan King shares his stories and memories of war.

Honouring the bravery of those who fought to defend us.

Remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom.

Commemorating defining moments in British history on our coins.

Corporal Woodrow served in 652 Squadron of the Royal Air Force. On D-Day he had to wade through four feet of seawater in full kit just to make it on to Sword beach where his regiment was met with a hail of fire.  

Idwal Symmonds served as a Royal Marines Commando. He was just 19 when D-Day took place. After fighting their way off Juno beach, his company were forced to surrender in a cornfield. Hitler had ordered any commandos caught behind enemy lines be shot. Arguing they were on a military mission and not a sabotage operation, they faced a terrifying wait before the reprieve came through. Idwal spent a year as a Prisoner of War in a POW camp in Poland enduring terrible conditions.

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The Remembrance Day 2019 UK £5 Silver Proof Coin

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