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Lucky Dip - Week 8

  • Save 50% on the price of individual coins
  • You will get the same coins twice if you buy multiples in the same week.
  • Great British Coin Hunt 2018 10p Uncirculated coins
  • You will receive 5 coins selected randomly this week
  • Swap amongst your friends and family and keep the fun alive!
  • Coin selection changes weekly
Price: £5.00
  • Awaiting Stock
  • Shipping within 10 working days
  • Product code: LD18CH14

Feeling lucky?

We’re giving you the chance to get your hands on 2018 GBCH Uncirculated coins as a Lucky Dip.  The Lucky Dip consists of 5 selected 2018 GBCH Uncirculated coins to support your growing collection.

Every week we will be releasing a new Lucky Dip selection with a different set of letters chosen at random – make sure you check back every Thursday!

As with all Lucky Dips, you may get the same coin twice if you buy multiples – we encourage you to swap with your family and friends and keep the fun alive!

Why not join our Facebook group and swap amongst yourselves.


Frequently asked questions

What coins are in the lucky dip?

The coins in the lucky dip are GBCH 2018 10p Uncirculated coins.


How have the coins been picked at random?

The coins have been picked at random using an online random generator tool. They are then picked and selected for despatch.


How does the lucky dip selection work?

All coins are selected at random and the selection changes every week. If you choose to buy multiple Dips on week one for example you will receive the exact same coins during week one. The selection changes weekly.


What if I receive more than 1 of the same coins in my lucky dip?

As the coins are selected at random using an online random generator tool, though the probability is small there is every possibility you will receive the same coin more than once. We are encouraging you to swap duplicate coins or coins that you don’t need with your friends and family or to join our online Facebook Swap Shop. Don’t forget to have fun!


What is the price of the lucky dip?

The RRP is £5.


How will I receive my lucky dip?

The coins will be in their individual clear pouch and housed in a jiffy bag.




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