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Battle of Waterloo 2015

UK £5 Gold Proof Coin

  • Struck in 22 carat gold only 500 available
  • The only official UK coin to mark the bicentenary
  • With intriguing packaging revealing tales of the battle and its minting significance
  • Bears the new portrait of Her Majesty The Queen
Price: £1,975.00
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  • Limited Edition Presentation: 500

Egos, Enemies and Empire

A 5 coin to mark the bicentenary of this pivotal battle

Two centuries on and the Battle of Waterloo still captivates. Full-blooded characters, tactical manoeuvres and a legacy; the Waterloo Medals are all remembered with this striking £5 coin, among the first to bear the new portrait of Her Majesty The Queen. David Lawrence has captured the accord between Wellington and Blcher, pivotal to the victory in his coin, a treasure for collectors and those who wish to explore a decisive battle in British, European and world history.

About the Coin

The Battle of Waterloo was a pivotal moment in history; it brought an end to Napoleon’s quest for a European Empire and brought much-needed peace to a France which had been plagued by instability for over two decades. It is a story of fearless commanders, of strategy and force and this special commemorative release marks 200 years since the Allied force’s triumph over Napoleon in a battle that was, “the nearest run thing you ever saw”.

Struck in gleaming gold Proof, David Lawrence’s reverse design captures the poignant moment after the Allied force had secured peace in Europe with Wellington and Blücher sharing a moment of accord. The booklet that accompanies your grand £5 coin reveals the characters of the commanders involved and interesting facts on how The Royal Mint renewed the coinage and struck the Waterloo Medals awarded to all who served so bravely, a significant moment in our military history. Only 500 of these gold editions are available and marking such a historic moment, they will be highly sought after.

The Battle of Waterloo has great historical importance. It has captured our interest for two centuries for its fascinating characters, the bold tactics employed by Wellington and Napoleon and the legacy that the battle left behind. One such legacy is the practice of honouring all the brave men and women who serve in our armed forces, a military tradition that began with the awarding of the Waterloo medal to all men who fought in the battle of Waterloo. It was the first campaign medal of its kind and began a custom that is still honoured across the world by military forces today. As long as conflict is inevitable, those who serve their country in the armed forces will be recognised.

Now the bicentenary of this pivotal battle in world history is marked with a grand £5 coin that has a striking design by artist David Lawrence. Your coin is accompanied by a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and an absorbing booklet that reveals details of the battle, its leaders and the implications for the modern world, including The Royal Mint. Struck in a variety of editions, from Brilliant Uncirculated to precious metal Proof versions, there is an option to suit most budgets.

Denomination £5
Maximum Coin Mintage 500
Quality Proof
Pure Metal Type Gold


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