Commemorating military history

Delve into British history as we honour the heroes of the Armed Forces and commemorate some of the most notable moments in Britain’s military history.

The British Army has a firm reputation of military excellence forged on determination, gumption and bravery. With roots that date back several centuries, its rich heritage has made the British Armed Forces one of the most well-respected armies in the world. Revered for its proficiency in combat, the British Army has a long and storied past that includes some of the most legendary and infamous battles in military history, ranging from hand-to-hand battles with swords and shields to airborne warfare in dogfights high above sea level. In tribute to all those that bravely fought in these conflicts, The Royal Mint proudly commemorates the notable anniversaries of the most important moments in British military history. From the Battle of Hastings in 1066 to the Normandy landings of 1944, we celebrate the heroes behind these epic battles and honour those that have defined our nation.



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