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Graduation Gifts

To wish you happiness and future success.

Graduation Gifts

Graduating is one of life’s biggest milestones, so it’s only natural for students to feel a real sense of achievement on their graduation day. The hard work and all those hours of study have finally paid off. Now they have the qualifications they have been working towards for so long, and they can take the next steps in their lives. Many families come along to graduation day to witness the ceremony and join in the celebration. Loved ones will often want to give a special gift to mark the occasion and provide a lasting memory for the future; a coin can be just the thing.

A special symbol

People often choose to give coins to new graduates to symbolise their best wishes. Giving a coin as a graduation gift shows that you wish the graduate good fortune and wealth for the years to come. In a practical sense, the gift could also help to set up a nest egg for the future. The Royal Mint has a wide range of graduation gift ideas to choose from. You might want a coin that represents their studies – over the years coins have featured stories from the worlds of arts, science, engineering and history. Or you could choose a coin minted in their graduation year, to mark the date of their achievement. Whatever you choose to give, each of our coins is minted to the highest standards and could make an inspiring gift for a graduate on their special day. 

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