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Look Who's Joining the Adventure


We are delighted to reveal the final three UK 50p coins in our Winnie the Pooh and Friends Collection. Joining the adventure in 2022 are Eeyore, Kanga and Roo, and a coin featuring Winnie the Pooh and some of his closest friends gathered in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Winnie the Pooh has good, loyal friends who share in his adventures. They like visiting each other, sharing picnics and going on ‘expotitions’. Expect to see some of the gang, along with the bear with little brain, together on one coin in 2022. Although their appearance in the Hundred Acre Wood was a mystery at first, Kanga and Roo are set to spring onto a new UK 50p coin. Eeyore, the gloomy donkey who often misplaces his tail, will also make an appearance – see if you can spot Eeyore’s tail on the coin!

Inspired by the illustrations of E. H. Shepard that beautifully complement A. A. Milne’s classic stories, each of the designs will be revealed at launch. These will be the final coins in our Winnie the Pooh and Friends Collection so sign up below to ensure you don’t miss the adventure!

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