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Wedgwood 2019 UK £2 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin

Limited Edition Presentation of 1250

  • Wedgwood 260th Anniversary UK £2 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin
  • A special limited-edition coin and modern heirloom
  • The first time that Wedgwood has been commemorated on a UK coin
  • A wonderful collector’s item for people interested in British craft and design
  • The coin design, by Wedgwood, features the famed Portland Vase
  • A special, double-weight coin struck in 925 sterling silver and finished to Proof standard
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  • Product code: UK19WWPF
  • Limited Edition 1250

An Iconic Piece of British Design

260 years after its founding by the pioneering Josiah Wedgwood, the company that bears his name is still associated with highest levels of craftsmanship. This is fitting for a company that transformed the production and marketing of pottery and changed the course of British society.

Now, Wedgwood and The Royal Mint have joined forces to commemorate the prestigious history and achievements of this pioneering British brand on a UK coin for the first time. With a design that encompasses the heritage, craftsmanship and royal connection that both Wedgwood and The Royal Mint are internationally known for, the coin is a strikingly modern celebration of the past 260 years.

Wedgwood 260th Anniversary Celebration 2019 UK £2 Silver Proof Piedfort Coin

Denomination £2
Maximum Coin Mintage 2250
Alloy Inner: .925 sterling silver. Outer: .925 sterling silver plated with fine gold
Weight 24.00 g
Diameter 28.40mm
Reverse Designer Wedgwood Design team
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Quality Proof
Year 2019
Pure Metal Type Silver

A Celebration of British Craftsmanship

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