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Trial of the Pyx Britannia 2017 UK Half-Ounce Silver Proof Coin

  • RRP £150
  • Limited Edition Presentation of only 10 coins
  • Struck in 999 fine silver
  • Finished to Proof standard
  • Subjected to the exacting standards of the Trial of the Pyx
  • With a reverse design by art student Louis Tamlyn
  • Plus a unique collection folder includes - The Verdict from Trial of the Pyx, Certificate of Authenticity & book on Goldsmiths Hall

For roughly 2,000 years, the image of Britannia has served as the embodiment of Britain and its people, the female warrior having first appeared on coins during the rule of Roman Emperor Hadrian. Roman rule slipped away but Britannia's influence remained and she rose to particular prominence during the era of Elizabeth I. And since the reign of Charles II, Britannia has featured on the coins of every monarch. Frequently reinterpreted to reflect the spirit and ambition of the country, she represents the ways in which we see ourselves and in which we seek to be seen.

Having been subjected to the rigours of the Trial of the Pyx, these extremely rare 10 coins represent the artistry and quality for which The Royal Mint is known and respected around the world. Originally finished to Proof standard it is possible these coins will carry signs of having been handled by the trial's jury, making them all the more unique and significant.

Trial of the Pyx - the story behind the range

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