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The Fifth Circulating Coinage Portrait - First Editions

Brilliant Uncirculated Set

  • One of the first sets to feature the fifth definitive portrait of The Queen
  • Just 75,000 sets available
  • Struck in base metal, finished to Brilliant Uncirculated standard
Price: £25.00
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  • Product code: 5PFE15BU
  • Limited Edition Presentation: 75000

Celebrating The Queens new coinage portrait

A vintage year of firsts and lasts united in one special set

Exciting news has been announced – the fourth definitive coinage portrait of Her Majesty The Queen by Ian Rank-Broadley FRBS, which has been a familiar presence on circulating coins since 1998, has been replaced by a new fifth portrait reflecting The Queen’s stature and maturity. Designed by one of The Royal Mint’s own gifted engravers, Jody Clark, the fifth portrait conveys Her Majesty’s maturity and stature. Celebrate the making of history with this first edition set. 

The changing of a coinage portrait is a rare occasion – throughout the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, there have been only four previous definitive effigies on the coins we use every day, meaning that 2015 will be a vintage year for the coinage of the United Kingdom. Royal Mint engraver, Jody Clark, has captured The Queen’s portrait with both modern and traditional elements and conveys a sense of the monarch’s warmth, with a hint of a smile, reflecting the modern Queen we see today.

This cordial fifth definitive portrait adorns the obverse of every one of the definitive UK coins in this desirable set, from the 1p to the £2. And the £2 in this collection is doubly special as it bears the new reverse design that heralds the welcome return of Britannia to the UK’s circulating coinage. Just 75,000 of these eagerly anticipated sets are available, struck in their circulating alloys, finished to our freshly minted Brilliant Uncirculated standard.

*Limited Edition Presentation:  Total for both individual and combined sets


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