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Samuel Pepys 2019 UK £2 Gold Proof Coin

Limited Edition Presentation of 225

  • The first time Samuel Pepys has been celebrated on a UK coin
  • ‘THE GOOD GOD PREPARE ME’ edge inscription is part of the final diary entry and expresses Pepys’ fear of going blind
  • A rare opportunity to own a gold coin celebrating a key moment in British history
  • Features a reverse designed by Gary Breeze, the creator of the popular Captain Cook £2 coin series
  • With the assistance of the Pepys Library, Magdalene College, University of Cambridge
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  • Limited Edition 225

Celebrate Samuel Pepys in Gold

The diary of Samuel Pepys is a rich historical source and its author is seen as one of the great diarists. From the first page of Pepys’ diary we are drawn into scenes of life at the time of the Restoration. His eyewitness accounts of great events like the coronation of Charles II and the horrors of the Great Fire of London and the Great Plague appear alongside reports on his day-to-day business, leisure and home life. His observations of events and people are so vivid because he intended them to be private, as shown by the fact that he kept the diary in shorthand.

Pepys brought his diary to a close on 31 May 1669, fearing he was losing his sight. Now, 350 years after the last diary entry, The Royal Mint has struck a £2 coin in gold to celebrate this moment and the man himself.

Samuel Pepys 2019 UK £2 Gold Proof Coin

Denomination £2
Maximum Coin Mintage 350
Alloy Inner: 22 carat yellow gold. Outer: 22 carat red gold
Weight 15.97 g
Diameter 28.40mm
Reverse Designer Gary Breeze
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Quality Proof
Year 2019
Country Of Origin United Kingdom

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Samuel Pepys - A True Witness

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