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Queen Victoria 2019 UK £5 Silver Proof Coin

Limited Edition Presentation 5000

  • Struck in 925 sterling silver
  • Finished to Proof standard
  • Features an interpretation of William Wyon’s ‘young head’ portrait of Queen Victoria used on the coinage of her reign
  • The edge inscription reads ‘WORKSHOP OF THE WORLD’, a phrase used to describe Britain’s position as the industrial powerhouse of the nineteenth century
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  • Product code: UK19VCSP
  • Limited Edition 5000

An influential and progressive monarch who was reflective of the age in which she lived, Queen Victoria laid the foundations for the monarchy as we know it. As part of the world celebrations of the 200th anniversary of her birth, this unique and stunning design has been produced by artist John Bergdahl. Vibrant with a sense of energy thanks to its cog motif, the coin features an interpretation of the classic 'young head' portrait of a young Queen Victoria, as well as a number of the innovations of the age.

Denomination £5
Maximum Coin Mintage 7500
Alloy .925 Sterling Silver
Weight 28.28 g
Diameter 38.61mm
Reverse Designer John Bergdahl
Obverse Designer Jody Clark
Quality Proof
Year 2019
Pure Metal Type Silver
Edge Plain Lettered
Country Of Origin United Kingdom

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