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David Bowie

Celebrating the Starman

Born in Brixton, South London, in 1947, David Bowie began life as David Robert Jones. By the time he was 19 he had taken on his iconic name and was taking the first steps in one of the most innovative and influential careers in the history of sound and vision. His music electrified generations, and his perpetual state of reinvention kept music fans enthralled.

The third coin in our Music Legends collection celebrates rock’s definitive chameleon with a design inspired by an image of the singer from his time spent living and recording in Berlin. The inclusion of the lightning bolt motif from the Aladdin Sane era captures Bowie’s career journey, and the moment he finally put aside the props to emerge as an artist in his own right.

Available as limited-edition precious metal Proof editions and a standard Brilliant Uncirculated edition, the Brilliant Uncirculated edition is also available with three different slipcase covers, exclusively available from The Royal Mint and are a fitting tribute to the career of one of British music’s most enduring icons.

David Bowie


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