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Lunar Year of the Dog 2018 UK Gold Kilo Proof Coin

RRP £59,995

  • RRP £49,950.00
  • This edition of the coin has been struck in a kilo of 999 fine gold and finished to Proof standard
  • The largest gold coin in The Shēngxiào Collection with a 100mm diameter
  • Many of the coins have a Maximum Coin Mintage featuring the ‘lucky’ number eight
  • Product code: UKD18GK

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Availability is extremely limited.

This kilo coin is struck in fine gold and, with a diameter of 100mm, is the largest gold coin in The Shēngxiào Collection. Kilo coins are the largest UK coins made by The Royal Mint. In 2011 an amendment was made to the Coinage Act of 1971, enabling The Royal Mint to strike larger coins of this weight for the first time. The first lunar, gold kilo coin for The Shēngxiào Collection was produced in 2016, for the Lunar Year of the Monkey. The dog is the fifth animal in The Shēngxiào Collection brought to life by artist Wuon-Gean Ho, continuing her series of designs that began with the Year of the Horse. The design depicts a terrier, a much-loved breed of dog that has been portrayed by artists for centuries.

“It’s been wonderful working with the craftsmen and women at The Royal Mint. I’m incredibly impressed and humbled at the amount of technical mastery and knowledge that they have.” Wuon-Gean Ho

Lunar Year of the Dog 2018 UK Gold Kilo Proof Coin

Maximum Coin Mintage 10

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