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Shaken Not Stirred – A spy with style

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Set against a backdrop of opulence and glamour, 007’s world of dangerous adversaries, exotic backdrops and high roller casinos has captivated audiences for decades. Now, as our coin series celebrating James Bond continues, we dive into the luxurious lifestyle of our favourite secret agent. Charming and sophisticated, Bond isn’t your average spy. As someone who seamlessly mingles with the wealthy and powerful in his pursuit to bring down his enemies, it’s clear that Bond is no stranger to the finer things in life. Luxury hotels, glittering soirées and poker tables are essential parts of the job description and during the movie franchise’s history, James Bond’s clothes have been almost as celebrated as the character himself, with an evening suit worn in each film.

When Casino Royale was released in 2006, the film lived up to the franchise’s glamorous reputation. Bond looks stylish throughout in everything from casual polo shirts and swim shorts to the familiar dinner jacket. The locations in Casino Royale reinforced the luxurious mood. In just one film we see James Bond in Miami, Venice, Montenegro and Barbados, where we meet Solange – riding on a beautiful white horse on the stunning white sands of ‘Paradise Beach’. Vesper Lynd is the perfect leading lady for the film, combining intelligence with elegance, and she can be seen in everything from tailored suits to chic dinner gowns. One element in the Bond films that stands out is that the super-rich and villainous have a love of gold – the ultimate symbol of opulence. In Goldfinger, Bond uncovers a gold-smuggling ring intent on stealing Fort Knox’s gold reserves, and in The Man With The Golden Gun, assassin Francisco Scaramanga famously sends MI6 a golden bullet etched with ‘007’.

Sometimes, 007 even uses his adversary’s greed against them, which we see in From Russia With Love. Q issues Bond with an attaché case with 50 gold Sovereigns hidden in the lining and a tear gas bomb that detonates when the case is improperly opened. The addition of Sovereigns was actually inspired by real-life secret agents, who used to receive a survival kit that contained gold Sovereigns in case they were stranded behind enemy lines. For the final coin in our series, Bond’s stylish tuxedo has been chosen to represent the luxurious side of the spy’s world. The range includes precious metal Proof editions alongside a Brilliant Uncirculated edition. In addition, the Inspired Innovation range includes special editions which feature micro-text and a hidden message relating to the 25th James Bond film, No Time To Die.



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